Our Purpose

About EBA - EBA Boardroom Lunch

The primary purpose of why we exist is:

To provide business owners & CEO’s, access to quality, expert and results focussed advisory board services with the added benefit of simultaneously developing their leadership and directorship skills and experience There is a major gap in the market place in terms of formally structured advisory boards for small to medium businesses. Our objective is to significantly improve the financial and strategic success of our clients. We want to be renowned for providing the diamond standard in advisory board structures and services, and to raise the overall level of directorship, strategic and leadership knowledge and skills of business owners and CEO’s, in the small to medium business sector.

The Role of Your EBA Chairperson

The relationship forged with your EBA chairperson will be a highly valued and critically important one. The chairperson’s role covers all aspects of the business and enables EBA members to seek counsel on a range of key issues within their business. More specifically, your EBA chairperson will seek to work with you to achieve the following key outcomes for you and your business.

  • Improved financial performance
  • A clear strategy for your business
  • A framework for core values
  • A plan to develop your best talent
  • Improved business network
  • A clear understanding of the business drivers that influence financial performance