EBA Transforming Leaders Program

Thinking that inspires breakthrough

What is the program all about?

The Transforming Leaders Program seeks to engage participants in a journey that not only provides them with the breadth of skills and techniques needed for success in business but also challenges their thinking with respect to ‘traditional’ approaches to solving business problems.

Participants gain an insight into a wide range of business topics that are not generally part of more formal ‘business’ courses and these topics are introduced along with a series of practical tools and a workshops in a way that makes their application immediate and easy.   The participant therefore leaves each session armed with new knowledge and skills that can be applied to their work that day.




What benefits can I expect from the program?



CFO: What if we invest in training our people and they leave?

CEO: What if we don’t invest in training our people and they stay?

for employers

  • delivers an employee who operates at higher performance levels and has enhanced problem resolution skills
  • provides an immediate practical benefit to your organisation
  • a cost- and time-effective approach to development
  • develops broader networks for the participant, hence your organisation
  • trains the people you have identified as having further potential for their next roles

for participants

  • enhanced performance in your current role
  • immediately applicable to their daily role
  • opportunity to interact with a range of other like-minded people which leads to expanded networks
  • change in business thought processes from the ordinary to the extraordinary
  • enhances your career path options

How is the program organised?

The course consists of three separate programs, each of which transitions from the previous, to produce a well-rounded executive that has had exposure to a series of topics, tools and practical sessions that translate modern transformational thinking into a practical organisational context.   The programs are separable.   There is no requirement to progress to the next one.

Each program takes place over an 11 month period and consists of:

  • learning sessions
  • masterclass/networking sessions
  • personality assessment

Learning sessions

  • Eight learning sessions, each of 3 hours duration, during which;
  • a topic is introduced and discussed;
  • practical tools to help the participant apply that topic are presented;
  • a practical exercise is undertaken to embed both the topic and the tools; and
  • the participants are encouraged to discuss real-life issues taken from their own workplace. Confidentiality, of course applies to all discussions in the group.

The learning sessions are divided into eight ‘streams’ each of which builds in depth from year to year.   These learning ‘streams’ include:

  • Personal development
  • Leadership
  • Organisational processes and change
  • Innovation at work
  • Planning and strategy
  • Customer focus
  • Operational excellence
  • Financial management

Masterclass/networking sessions

  • Three late afternoon/evening masterclass/networking sessions, each of 3 hours that provide:
  • an iconic speaker from the SA business community to speak on a subject that extends the participant’s learning; and
  • a networking session for participants to mingle with the speaker and others who are also progressing through the courses.

Hogan 360 Assessment

At the commencement of the program each of the participants complete a Hogan 360 Assessment, which is designed to provide them with information about their personal profile, areas of strength and areas for possible improvement.

This assessment is re-administered at key points during the program so the participant can measure their progress as a result of undertaking the program.

Why is the program different?

This program is based on an immediate translation of the leading edge business thought and practices to the participants.   Other courses, especially those that have a formal qualification attached, are less agile and hence take some length of time to deliver the best in current practice into the course material.

The program also provides access to some of the best minds in business in South Australia today.   These are people who are business icons because of the transformations they have made to their own businesses and industries.

The program is a blend of theory, practical tools and techniques that support the implementation of the theory and workshops that embed the learning.   Other programs simply provide a theoretical background and little to anchor that to the ‘real world’.

The program is presented by the EBA partners, each of who have a minimum of 25 years of practical general management experience and a history of working with senior executives in a very wide variety of organisations.   These are people who have not only ‘been around the block’ a few times but have also had a major hand in designing the block!

This deep perspective in executive level management in organisations means that the delivery of each sessions comes not from a text book but from the real experience of what works and what doesn’t and each presenter is able to draw upon examples to illustrate their topics.

Participants are encouraged to contact their presenters with any issues during the program.

What are the course options?

There are three program start dates in each year:

  • March
  • June
  • October

Choices of session times are offered to allow participant to undertake the program either during or outside of normal working hours.   The program is also offered on different days of the week to suit participant’s workloads.

Session times for the learning sessions for the next intake in March 2017 are:

  • 1st Wednesday of each month: 4 pm – 7 pm
  • 1st Thursday day of each month from 2 pm to 5 pm
  • 1st Friday of each month from 9 am to 12 noon

The networking sessions for the next 12 months will be held between 4 pm and 7 pm on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 5th April 2017
  • Thursday 3rd August 2017

How much does it cost?

The standard price for a program is $3,490 per participant, inclusive of GST.

We do offer substantial discounts for multiple enrolments.

How do I enrol?

Simply download the enrolment form and the payment form below and return them to us and we’ll book you in!

Need more information?

Please feel free to contact our office on 08 8227 2405 or info@executiveboardsaustralia.com.au for more information.