Research shows there is a 95% correlation between leadership and good performance. There is an old saying that people don’t leave their jobs they leave their managers!
If you are ready to start a journey that is focused on improving your leadership skills and developing long term strategy that can transform your business, then let’s get started!

Come and join our FREE SESSION from 8:30am – 11:am on September 12th

Executive Boards Australia is conducting an introduction session to its ever popular Business Strategy for CEO’s program. The program is designed for Senior Managers or Business Owners to take time out to focus on the things that truly make a difference in your business. Stop focusing on the day to day and create the change you know you need.

This session is FREE!! So please join Wayne Lyons & Kevin Timoney who will take you through this intensive 2 hour session that will challenge you and make you question your leadership style. ……Numbers are limited so register early…..

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