By Kevin Timoney

After an extensive corporate career, I felt that it was important to share my skills, knowledge and experience obtained working for a large top 20 listed public company with the SME business community.

A mentor of mine said to me – “Kevin it doesn’t matter what you do in life so long as you are passionate about it”

Throughout my business career I have been passionate about building and helping to build successful businesses that people want to work with and work for.

And that is why we started this business and is the essence of EBA.  We are passionate about helping you build a successful business.  Nothing give us a greater thrill than knowing that in some small way we have helped our clients become successful both in a business and personal sense through the advisory board structure.

It is why we have as our mantra “Inspiring business and personal success” with a key objective of improving our clients business by 10%.

All business owners have at some point experienced the common problems:-

  • How do I grow my business whilst protecting my margins and managing my costs?
  • What strategy should I be pursuing given the economic and industry environment I am in?
  • How do I establish the right culture so I can achieve my business goals and objectives?
  • What performance measurement tool should I use that can be cascaded through my business in order for us to properly measure the activities that count?
  • What is my exit strategy and how to I strategically manage my succession plan

At EBA we provide the answers to all of these and other questions for SME business owners and CEO’s.

As someone famously said – “The secret of success in life is to be ready for the opportunity when it comes”.

At EBA, we make sure you are ready!  It is called the EBA Way