Why Executive Boards Australia (EBA)?

After 12 years of consulting in the strategic marketing and branding space I came to realise that true success came from working with clients over long periods of time. Working with businesses the likes of La Casa Del Formaggio and Maggie Beer Products over the best part of a decade I was able to build an intimate knowledge and understanding of the business. It is the never ending commitment to challenging the current performance of the business and always seeking improvement that really leads to success.

It was for this reason I wanted to create a business like EBA that could work ongoing with the best people, in the best businesses in a systematic way over long periods of time. Because I know that is how we really make a difference. If we do the little things well enough for long enough we create true success and value. Thats why when we talk to EBA members, we talk about long term commitment to their business and their success. It is the fundamental reason why EBA measure our success on the success of our members.

No matter how big or small the business is, the first step is to lay down a clear plan for the business that provides clarity in terms of the direction, and confidence to move forward even when it feels a little uneasy. By having the plan in place and a process to systematically review our performance against the agreed strategy we can continue to challenge our current position and improve the business as we move forward.

That’s the reason why the first template we provide to all members and prospective members is the one page business plan, because it allows us to get us our thoughts on paper to create the framework for the ongoing strategy.

To get the ‘One Page Business Plan’ email us at [email protected]

Kind Regards,

Wayne Lyons