Transforming Leaders Group

Thinking that inspires breakthrough

What Is It?

Developing leaders, managers and culture within a business is something that should occur daily. The challenge however is the day to day activities of the business tend to take us off course. We hear it from our clients, our peers, and to be honest, ourselves. There are options out there…mentoring, coaching, more study and the list goes on. But these all showed mixed results.

So at EBA we wanted to try something different. 

The Transforming Leaders Group seeks to engage participants in a journey that not only provides them with the breadth of skills and techniques needed for success but also challenges their thinking with respect to ‘traditional’ approaches to solving business problems.


The real value comes from within your group, learning together,

challenging what is presented and from the relationships you build.

Who Is It For?

Departmental Managers

Team Leaders

Potential Executive Leaders

Middle Managers

Small Business Owners

Why Join a Group?

  • Improved individual & organisational performance
  • Develops strategic thinking skills
  • Improved leadership capability
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Exposes participants to a broad range of emerging business issues and topics

What’s Involved?


Content and discussion that challenges, provokes and inspires breakthrough thinking.


Introduces strategic concepts that challenge traditional methods and prepares you for your next role.


Increases your business network and develops skills to broaden your commercial reach.


Understand what type of person and leader you are. Measures attitude, behaviour strengths, performance risks and core values.

How Does It Work?


Your group will be made up of 12 – 15 participants at similar stages of their career. You will meet your group ONCE a month for THREE hours. We take you outside of your business and away from the day to day noise.


We introduce a range of topics around marketing, strategy, culture, HR and innovation. All of which drive a discussion around learning, management and leadership. And not just blue sky nonsense, we focus on how these relate directly to you and your business.


A place to keep the conversation going. Connect with your group and join an online community and continue the discussion or raise new issues which will no doubt be discussed at the next Face to Face. So the curriculum can evolve with you.

How Much Does It Cost?


$3,500 per annum, per participant. Discounts apply for multiple enrolments.

‘Having Wayne and the EBA team on board has been crucial for us to understand our business better and pave a successful path forward knowing that we have access to some of the best expertise in the business’

Corrina Wright

Winemaker, Director & Owner, Oliver's Taranga Vineyards